Alka Fasteners LTD. is one of Israel's leading fastener importers, selling a wide range of metric and inch fasteners.

Alka established in 1944. Since its foundation, Alka has been dealing in metals. Since 1982, the company has focused exclusively on the importation and distribution of screws, bolts, nuts, washers and all other types of fastener products.


We provide fasteners to the leading companies in Israel, in the fields of hi-tech, mechanics, plastics, robotics, air industry, military industry and industrial products for export.

The qualities of our company are based on:

 • Formulating accurate customer solutions

 • Delivery options by air freight or sea freight more than 10'000 items beyond the local inventory

 • Selling a wide range of metric and inch fasteners.

 • Maximize storage efficiency, organization of information and advanced cataloging.

 • Automatic and computerized packaging.

 • Service control processes that include control of order components.

 • Logistics solutions adapted to the customer's needs



Our high-quality service to the advanced industrial companies, which are essential for perfect technological solutions, obligates our company to establish connections with the best suppliers of fasteners in the world, Bossard LTD.


Bossard Ltd. is our main supplier since 1982.

A significant part of our company's activity is in the supply of items that are not in stock. For this purpose, we have developed an efficient import method consisting of importing cargo on a regular schedule and the ability to integrate into stressful situations, which require special and fast delivery.


Safety inventory

For our regular customers and for an annual agreement customers, we maintain safety inventory based on accumulated experience and professional dialogue with the purchasing personnel in the plants.



Understanding the customer's needs and applying them to make an appropriate order from our quality suppliers from abroad We can obtain C.O.T,  C.O.C and other certificates according to the customer's request.



A word is a word and a time is a time, launch your order and forget, your ordered products will arrive!



Quality goods from the best manufacturers in the world, commitment to continuous improvement, cost effectiveness to our customers.

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